“Chris runs ‘Communication and Conflict Resolution’ and ‘Crossing Cultural Boundaries’ workshops on our annual training week for volunteers going overseas and we ask him back year after year. He has a way of engaging young adults in their own learning while making it fun and he always comes top in the evaluations.”

Helen Granger, Coordinator of Assumption Volunteers and administrator of the Lay Missionary and Volunteer Network.

‘Conflict and Change was the first mediation scheme in the UK which I helped to establish in 1984. Chris McDermott has been an inspirational member of staff working in the education team and doing sterling work with schools at primary and secondary level. He is one of the leading educational practitioners in the field of mediation..’   Paul Regan,  Vice Chair of Board of Directors at Citizens UK, Chairman at East London Community Land Trust, Trustee at London Catalyst

“I collaborated with Chris on resolving/managing several conflicts at community/neighborhood level, work place/employment environment etc. Personally, I rate Chris’s mediation skills and experience as exceptional. Some of the conflicts we mediated had religious and/or cultural dimension and Chris was the lead mediator and used his mediation expertise to help resolve often intractable conflicts.” Sarjoh Aziz Kamara, United Nations Development Officer, Liberia

Chris is generous with his time and talents. He motivated two very diverse churches in Newham, with a wide range of ages, cultures, and education, to develop their vision for their churches. His skills have in both instances released a lot of energy which has enabled rather fragile communities to move forward.” Fr. Pat Mossop, Rector of Parish of the Divine Compassion, Plaistow, London E13

“Chris has many years’ experience as a trainer and facilitator for community and voluntary groups. In fact I first met him when attending one of his trainings about 14 years ago, when I was impressed by his ability to combine subversive humour with deep and genuine learning. His participative approach to training ensures that the experience is always lively and involving, while his extensive understanding of interpersonal communication skills (from anger management to conflict resolution) means that he always has something new and relevant to offer.”  Mike Shallcross, Counsellor and Psychotherapist

“ Chris is a gifted mediator. His professional experience and warm personality support those who are looking for a safe space for mediation to take place. He has the ability to hear what is being said and connect with others on the level of human needs.” Natalie Mahoney, Community Mediator and Development Officer, Conflict and Change Ltd.

 “Chris carries with him at all times an air of calm and the ability to lift spirits and motivate people, both of which are infectious. He has extensive knowledge and experience in conflict resolution and community development, working with both adults and young people, and is always willing to talk through ideas patiently and share his wisdom. Chris would be a real asset to any team.”  Lucy Hawthorne, Faith Project Assistant at National Union of Students

“Chris is a very skillful facilitator being able to spellbind trainees and engage the team members. Having been both trainee and team member I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him in action and being in action with him. He has an eye for the individual in the group and takes very good care of everybody – trainees as well as team members. Chris is very empathetic and his positive mindset influences everybody around him in a very positive way.” Lisbeth Galtung, Evaluation Consultant at Ineva, Denmark

 “Chris is a totally professional practitioner with the right life principles, excellent experience and empathy, and robust qualifications to plan and deliver high quality outcomes.”   Dan ZamoyskiOwner, Advantage Management & Marketing

 I had the pleasure of co-facilitating several training projects with Chris, and found him to be an excellent and very inspiring trainer. Not only did he have a fun and effective way of teaching conflict resolution and mediation to adults and teenagers but as his colleague, I learned a lot about facilitation and training skills from him. Intellectually curious and full of humour, Chris always sought to incorporate his own learning from philosophy, psychology, spirituality, education, et al, into the conflict resolution training programmes, creating a vivid and highly engaging atmosphere for skills learning.”  Dr. Jenny EngströmTrainer, Independent writer/researcher at Engström Unlimited

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